Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What are you doing to your sister, and why does she sound like a goat??

I actually spoke those words to my children yesterday. Strange I know. You just never know what you're going to get with these little ladies.
I started this with the intention of keeping it up to date pretty regularly....I started out good haha. work, family, and house guests I've been a little busy. Mr. Rod Kelly is visiting us from Georgia this week. What a character he is, Peg Jean he insists that I don't like him for some reason, that's not true. I did find it interesting that he's never heard of cornhole before. The game that is, he said where he's from cornhole means something else entirely hahahaha.
Did I mention we are also doing lots of work on the house? Well, we are. JR, Josh and Billy have been busy trying to get Momma's front porch together. I'm pretty excited to get it finished. They swear it will be done by Sunday, I'm a little skeptical but I guess we'll see. I can't wait to decorate it with all sorts of fun fall things. That's right, like it or not that's right around the corner. I'm even more excited that we don't have to use cinder blocks for steps anymore hahah. That's not very convenient when you're trying to haul 3 little girls and their things out the door.
I will post pictures when the boys get it all done :) I haven't just been sitting around....I am sanding the fireplace so I can stain it, and I'm stripping the stain off of the steps in the house. It's a slow process but it will all look so nice when it's complete.

Tomorrow it's off to the Ohio State Fair with Rylee, Sofia and Auntie Jeri to see Big Time Rush. My girls are beyond ecstatic. I will be sure to take lots of pics so you can all share in on the fun. I don't think I will let them talk me into the scrambler this time, last time I almost lost it. By it I mean my lunch. So the scrambler will be a no go. No fun but who wants to walk around with vomit in their hair. Certainly not this girl. Hope everyone is doing great!!!!!!!!!!


  1. if you're not puking, you're not having fun.

  2. I left a comment earlier, but it is not here now. Rod told me what a wonderful Mother you are and how sweet you have been to him.

  3. Cute Shawn, I'm puking on you when you tattoo me.
    Peg Jean, all lies hahah.

  4. I too can no longer do the scrambler, I think I rode it too much as a young one and my body is now say "ummm yeahh enough is enough." Hope your porch is done Sunday and cant wait to see how you will decorate it for the fall.