Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy little bee....

Oh boy, I seriously suck at this whole blogging thing haha. Our ladies have started back to school (well Rylee has started back, it's Sof's first year) and we are busier than ever. Back and forth to school, packing lunches, picking out clothes, fixing hair and all of the other things that go with keeping a home in one piece. I miss them while they are gone but Charlee enjoys the time with just Mama.
She will enjoy it until April anyway, then our newest addition will arrive :) Our first ultrasound went very well and the baby is growing like it should be. As I'm sure most of you know, we suffered a miscarriage back in May and it was devastating. Our children are our world and to have something like that happen, well it just sucks. So we were relieved that this time around things seem to be on track.

We got a visit yesterday from one Mr. Shawn Hebrank!! What a nice guy. Seriously he drove like 12 hrs yesterday, spent the night with us and then finished his trip to wherever it was that he was going today. Well, he's finishing his trip right now actually. We haven't seen him in years and it was like no time had passed at all. It was Miss Charlee's first time meeting him, now for anyone who has met Charlee you know she's not really a people person....but with Shawn it was like they were old friends. They were pictures colored and lots of good manners flying around, he even got to hold her. Some of my very own family members still aren't allowed to do that. He drew the girls up a little girl elephant in exchange for the many pictures they drew for him, and boy were they thrilled. Make sure you check out his blog 

Lastly, check this out JR has a little something written about him here. It's just a little piece of a full interview that he has coming out. It's very well written and we are pretty excited to see the full thing. What a guy that husband o' mine is huh?

Oh goodness and Charlee totally turns 2 this Friday!! Crazy how fast the years go. She will be enjoying a Spongebob themed Bday party with our closest friends and fam on Sunday. I will be sure to take lots of pics :)