Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok, it's been entirely too long. (I'm pretty sure I say that or something similar at the beginning of every post) anyway, for the last 3 days I have shirked my responsibilities around this house (let's be honest, I have 4 kids so I did do SOME stuff still) and made the most awesome baby blanket ever. Seriously, I absolutely adore this blanket. The colors remind me of all things little girl related, fairies, flowers, tea parties, you name it, it's in there. I already have so many blankets around here for all 4 girls and my intentions were to finish this and charge someone for it. I can't really explain it but I love how this turned out so much, that I would feel terrible charging someone for it. That brings me to this giveaway!!! It's simple really, if you know a Momma who has or is expecting a little girl I want you to nominate them!!! You CANNOT nominate yourself, this is a chance to be selfless and think about those wonderful Mommys (and little ladies) in your lives. If you really want it for yourself, pass the word along and have someone nominate you!
So, send me an email at I need the name of your nominee and why you nominated them. I will narrow it down to 3 (or 5) depending on how many entries I get, and then have my husband or another family member decide from there, just to be fair.
I will be accepting emails until this coming Wednesday, July 4th. Also, instead of just announcing the winner I thought it would be kind of fun of I just go ahead and mail the blanket along with the winning email and anything nice you want to say about that person! Fun right?!
If this goes well I have every intention of doing it again in the future ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Little headband tutorial :)

So it's been entirely too long since I blogged, but Miss Erica gave me a perfect reason to post a new one. She just started sewing and making the cutest little headbands, so I thought I would make a tutorial for her on how I see headbands for my ladies.

1. Choose your fabric!!! I have used cotton and silk and they both work great, but the cotton is a little easier to work with. And you also need a ponytail holder. The elastic kind with the little metal piece holding it together. You will need to take a measurement of the persons head, minus an inch or 2. For example, Charlees head measures 18 inches so I made the length 16 on hers. Then you need to decide the width you want your headband times 4 or a little more. I wanted hers about an inch so I measured the fabric around 4 1/2 inches wide.
So, we have a piece of fabric that is 16 inches in length and 4 1/2 inches wide.

2. Fold you fabric in half lengthwise (wrong sides towards each other) and iron on the fold to give yourself a nice crisp line.

3. Unfold then fold each half in towards the center line and iron again.

3. Now fold the entire thing in half where you ironed your first line. Your fabric should now be the width you wanted it to be in the first place!!

4. Using a straight stitch, sew down both sides (lengthwise) as close to te edge as possible. Make sure you catch both sides of the fabric.

5. Now you're going to make little creases on both ends for your hair holder. Fold up about 1/4 of an inch and iron, then fold it and iron again to hide the raw edge. Sew your holder under the fold. One side, then the other.

All done :)

I added a little ruffled flower and a button to Charlee's but you can leave them plain and they are just as cute!!!